How I became a "Business Designer"

Enrique Iturriaga
August 25, 2020

I am Enrique, and I am the founder of BIZdesign Agency. I am a UX designer and have worked as a freelance designer for many years.

We decided to create the because we feel the responsibility to share what we've learned. Most startups fail within a year of their creation, not because their ideas are bad, or their unlucky, but because they lack guidance and knowledge about how to design a business.

A bit about my background

I went to undergrad school to study graphic design after changing mayors 2 times. Before enrolling in the graphic design program, I was a junior in the Civil Engineering program, and before that, I was a sophomore in med school. Yes... I know.

It took me 8 years to graduate. During my college years I took courses in a wide variety of areas: from Anatomy, biochemistry and public health; to advanced physics and mathematics; to drawing, branding and Romanesque art history 🤓

In those years I learned NOTHING about how to create a business and succeed in life. I learned a lot of technical stuff, but nothing about making money and selling ideas and products to people.

After I graduated from college I got hired as a designer in a Fortune 500 company. That's when I learned the importance of knowing how to create a business, and the importance of knowing how businesses actually work.

Basically it's very simple... every successful business fundamentally does one thing: It solves a problem for their users.

After a year of working and learning I decided it was time to go to grad school. I considered taking an MBA, but I knew I needed to get closer to the people part of businesses, not just the managing and numbers. I also wanted to stay in the creative part of business. When I say creative I am not referring to design as most people think about it. I am referring to solving problems in creative ways. That's what I'm really passionate about.

After creating and helping other create successful businesses, I've learned and studied the causes that make most entrepreneurs fail. And that's why I felt the need and responsibility to share what I've learned.

Maybe I am portraying myself as a business guru... I am not trying to do that. Believe me.

The most important knowledge regarding business creation that I've acquired, is this: I really know nothing about business... wait what?

Yes.. You heard me well

If you are here to pitch me your idea and expect me to tell you accurately if your idea is good or not, you are probably better with a medium.

What I do know, and what I can do, is to show you systems that can assure you that a business will do good.

That is Business Design.

You can learn most of what I teach by reading a couple books I've recommended many times. Starting with The Lean Startup, The Dip, Anything You Want, etc.

To close I'll give you next steps...

First, I want you to remember this: A beginners mind will save you from creating a business that fails. As long as you don's assume you know stuff and as long as you test and validate everything you believe you know, you'll be safe and in a good path.

Second, I invite you to download the free worksheet we've created for you:

This worksheet will take you from no idea to finding a profitable idea in no time.

If you already have a business idea, you can instead download our 15-minute business plan worksheet and fill it:

Like I said before: Remember that anything you assume to be true has the potential to tip you off.

That's why after having an idea and a business plan, it's time to test if your idea would actually be able to succeed in the current market.

More on that later.

Without anything else to add, I and the BIZdesign team, welcome you to our world.

Feel free to contact me at at any time with questions and suggestions.

Much love!



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