How to Create a business from your PASSION: 9 proven business models

Enrique Iturriaga
September 1, 2020

Some people decide to start a business because they have a great idea that they feel the need to pursue. That wasn't my case when I started. I knew what my interests were, and I asked myself questions like: What market or niche do I want to serve?

But I didn't know what kind of product or service I was going to offer to the market.

If this is your situation and you know what niche you want to be in, you can read through this list and see the kinds of businesses you could do.

For many people, it's going to be very easy to decide. For example, if you're a designer like me, you'll probably think about going the consultant way. Or, if you're a Yoga teacher, you'll probably start a blog, create information products and sell them online.

For others, it won't be that easy to decide. The truth is that it really doesn't matter that much what you sell or in what shape you package it... as long as you solve a problem, and people are willing to pay for the solution.

If you still can't decide what kind of products you'll offer, a good way to start putting your feet in the water is creating a blog. Sharing information and interacting with people inside your market is the best way to actually learn about the problems they are having.

Remember: The most important thing an entrepreneur can do, is never assuming that something is truth. You need to talk to real people and validate that the things you think are a problem for your users, are actually a problem for your users. It's common to think that because you've encountered that problem, everyone else is also encountering it. Never assume anything, always validate.

Here is the list:

Online courses:

This model is really amazing if you manage to create a product that people want. If you have technical knowledge, this might be your route. I teach an online course (in Spanish) on how to become a web designer using Webflow and the results have been great.


This can be one on one, classes with multiple people, recorded classes, Zoom (video conference) classes, etc. Don't assume that because your skill is very practical and physical you cannot teach online. I've seen Jiu-Jitsu teachers, surf teachers, boxing teachers and even swimming teachers teach online.


If you've overcome a mayor problem in your life this might be the right path for you. If you're an enthusiastic person with good strategies for making habits or habits for productivity this is a great career. I spend hundreds of dollars a month in coaching.


If you have the knowledge to help people this can be a great route. It's a lot of work, but pays well.

Specific online Services:

Web Design

Social Media


Web design:

Web design isn't hard. I believe anyone can become a web designer no matter what their background is. If you're a person who enjoys being creative, this might be an interesting field to consider (Since I'm a Web Designer and a UX Designer I might be able to help you... just email me:

Social media:

Social media is confusing and time-consuming. Many people are willing to pay money for it. If you love Instagram or any other social media platform, this might be the best route for you.


Marketing is one of those things that everyone needs. Every company or service provider needs to market themselves in order to make money. If you know or are willing to learn about marketing, this is a great service to offer.


I recommend to everyone that they create a blog and start an email list. Blogging might sound scary or hard, but it isn't. It helps you market yourself, and it gives you a platform where you can communicate with your audience and help them too. I know it can be scary (English isn't my first language and I make tons of grammatical and syntactical mistakes) but you don't need to be a professional writer in order to help people. If you write from your heart and have something useful to say, you'll create an audience in no time. Like everything, it takes practice and a lot of errors in order to become good at it (I still suck as you can see)

If you're still looking for an idea, I recommend to you that you download and fill this free idea generation workshop. You'll find a profitable idea in no time.


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